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5 People That Lower The Energy Inside The Workplace

There are many types of energy vampires out there of which here are a few:

  • The Complainer: This person feels the need to complain about everything in their life. Nothing is ever good enough and they pull you into their swirl of misery.

  • Guilt Tripping Taker: This person wants something from you and will manipulate and guilt you into doing, saying, acting the way they want.

  • Gossip Gals: These people LOVE to gossip and pull you into their life drama. They thrive off of it and can’t stop talking smack about other people. Similar to drama queens…you know who I mean.

  • Needy Nelly: These friends can be very insecure and needy. They seem to latch onto you– physically (always needing to hang out) or emotionally (this is where energetic cords get attached)–they don’t feel like they can survive without you.

  • The Judger: They are better than everyone else and need to place opinions and judgements on all those around them.

These five people are someone who depletes you, drains you of all your good vibes, brings your happy down or just leaves you feeling exhausted in the workplace.

We all have these people in our lives and I am sure you are thinking about a few of them right now. I bring this up because on the energetic level of our bodies they literally attach to us (think of a plug in a socket) and take from our energy centers or chakras. They are all around us at work but these also tend to be from people we are more emotionally connected to (like family or partners) and they can take a lot of our energy from us too.

Here are 5 tips to keep your energy in tact:

  1. Establish and set boundaries: If you don’t like drama and gossip, then don’t engage and tell them this. If you don’t set the precedent then they will assume what they are doing with you is alright

  2. Ground yourself when around this person. This means to feel your feet on the ground and connect into earth energy— it grounds your energy and preserves it.

  3. Deep breaths: This will help calm you down and center you when dealing with someone that is exhausting. Just keep breathing and try to let what they are saying just fall away from you.

  4. Put their words into perspective; try not to react negatively or with anger. These are their words or actions, not yours. Non-reaction lessens the continuation of the drama or situation.

  5. If you are a visual person, imaging you are surrounded by white or purple light. Any of their negative energy or words just gets reflected off of you.

In our minds, a clean office is a healthy office. That includes cleansing of negativity energy. Maintain our energy frequency and health can be as simple as hiring a commercial cleaning services to help keep your environment clean and sanitized.

Contact us today to get a free quote for our recurring cleaning services. We would love to help you keep the energies in your office high!

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