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Capability Statement

Sage by spiced life conversation, LLC

Our Belief System


Dedicated to high standards of health and safety we partner with our clients to formulate customized cleaning solutions, ensuring the utmost cleanliness, safety, and hygiene for owners, staff, clients, patients, members, and visitors. We’re about more than just cleaning, we’re about developing relationships with our clients and working with them to find solutions to their needs. We value the health and safety of our clients, and we also feel very strongly about doing our bit for the environment- - that’s why we use specially formulated, environmentally sensitive products and prioritize innovative cleaning methods.

Business Summary


Sage by Spiced Life Conversation is a women-owned boutique that delivers exceptional services to our clients through our people, products, and services. Sage Cleaning provides professional cleaning services to offices, healthcare facilities, listing real estate agents, apartments, property managers, banks, title companies, retail stores, manufacturing, REO loan offices, and REO realtor clients with multiple locations. Sage by Spiced Life Conversation continues its expansion by serving clients in Walton. Newton, Putman, Clarke, Morgan, and Rockdale County. Sage Cleaning matches the right team with each project and has implemented a state-of-the-art quality control inspection system so that each client is involved in the process of his or her project. Sage also offers its clients organization, public notary, and loan signing services. 

Products and Services


Our team provides superior cleaning, organization, public notary, and loan signing services:


→Bank cleaning

→Office cleaning

→Move In/Move Out cleaning

→End of Life Organization services

→General Public Notary services to Estate Planning Attorneys, healthcare facilities and offices

→Loan Signing services to realtors, loan officers, and title companies

→Trash-out foreclosure cleaning




Sage by Spiced Life Conversation has been fully operational since 2016 and was fully corporate in 2021 in the commercial marketplace. We are utilizing a professional approach to the cleaning industry. Sage invested significantly in establishing efficient systems and processes to hire the right people, use the best products, and deliver exceptional cleaning services. Sage has demonstrated their expertise in serving clients with multiple locations and has experience with clients that have over 30 locations throughout the USA.


Founder and CEO
Dr. Nikki LeToya White



Dr. Nikki LeToya White


President and CEO 

6 years of Industry Experience

15 years of Mental Health, Substance Abuse Experience

10 years of Management Experience


Corporate Data

Duns Number: 003073347

Cage/NAIC Code: 97TG2


Business Information

Year Incorporated: 2021

State Incorporated: Georgia

Number of Employees: 2-10


Address: 2890 Georgia Hwy 212 A-247 Conyers, GA 30094


Phone Number: 334.590.3274


E-mail Address:




Customers: Private Sector

Straightforward Transportation, LLC

Spiced Life Conversation, LLC

Got Snacks

The Light of Day, INC

Keller Willians Realtors


Government Sector

Not Applicable at This Time

Unique Value Proposition:


Sage delivers to its commercial clients the consistency and quality service they deserve with the highest integrity with a strong focus on people, products, cleanliness, and service.


There are unique points of difference, setting us apart from other cleaning companies. 


→Our level of professionalism and integrity.

→Our innovative cleaning methods.

→Our efficient systems.


Sage complies with ISOS environmental, quality management standards, and occupational health and safety. Our processes in these areas reflect the higher industry standard, ensuring our customers receive a cleaning service that is second to none.


Here are some other ways that set our company apart from the competition.


→We use earth and human-friendly, non-toxic, safe, and effective cleaning products.

→We tailor our services to our client's needs and requirements to maximize efficiencies. 

→All Sage team members are highly trained and have the relevant security checks.

→We believe that everyone is entitled to a clean, safe, and healthy work environment. 


Take Away

So, if you’re ready to see the positive difference Sage can offer your business, we’re ready to make it happen. Contact us today to find out more!

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