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 About Sage by spiced life conversation's mobile notary, foreclosure and estate clean-out services


What to Expect From a Foreclosed “TrashOut” Cleaning 

Cleanout Services for Real Estate Agents, Managers & Landlord


One integral part of selling a home is ensuring that the house is cleaned up and looks good for prospective buyers. Specifically, in the case of foreclosures, ensuring that all the previous tenant’s property has been removed from the home and the home has been deep cleaned prior to putting it up for sale makes a big difference.


Sage by spiced life conversation provides an efficient, safe, and eco-friendly foreclosure and estate clean-out service so you don’t need to worry about cleaning out the home. Our hauling professionals and professional cleaners will ensure that all furniture and debris or anything else are out of the home and the home itself has been deep cleaned so that you can concentrate on making a sale.


The service is great for those who need deep cleaning and trash removal for


  • Estate Cleanouts

  • Eviction Cleanouts

  • Recycling During a Foreclosure Cleanout

  • Outsourcing versus DIY


How can you get us on the site for foreclosure or estate clean-out services? It’s simple. You make an appointment by booking online or by emailing us directly. We set up the appointment, give you a quote, begin working on the project, and once you are satisfied you pay. 


Appliance Removal such as;


  •     Air Conditioners

  •     Beverage/Wine Chillers

  •     Dishwashers

  •     Dryers

  •     Garbage Disposals

  •     Heaters

  •     Lawnmowers

  •     Microwaves

  •     Mini-Fridges

  •     Ovens/Wall Ovens

  •     Refrigerators/Freezers

  •     Stoves/Ranges/Cooktops

  •     Trash Compactors

  •     Vacuums

  •     Water Heaters

  •     Washing Machines/Dryers


Costs of Appliance Removal


Costs for appliance removal vary widely depending on who you have remove it or where you take it yourself. According to an article at, the average cost for disposal of a washer and dryer is between $70–$205. A washer and dryer pickup, for example, in a neighborhood north of Conyers Georgia would cost between $145 - $188 according to our online pricing estimator.


Trash Removal 


We can haul away and dispose of discarded bulky household items including sofas, loveseats, recliners, mattresses, box springs, desks, large garbage bags, boxes, metal debris, garage debris, yard waste, and so forth.




Cleanout Services for Real Estate Agents, Property Managers, and Landlords


Landlords, Realtors®, and other real estate professionals understand that preparing foreclosed properties for sale can mean dealing with whatever the former homeowners have left behind.


Unfortunately, many of these prior residents believe they have little reason to leave their foreclosed home in decent condition when they vacate the property.


In addition to cleaning and repairing a foreclosed property, a different challenge is the task of hauling away any old furniture, appliances, unwanted items, and other junk left behind by the former owners.


Because the nature of REOs, short sales, and foreclosure transactions are complex and time-sensitive, banks and Realtors® often need cleaners on short notice and the clean-out work needs to be completed with a strict turn-around time frame. This is why foreclosure and estate cleanouts are such crucial tasks to understand. But we get it!


This is why Sage by spiced life conversation is a perfect solution to assist you in preparing your foreclosure for the market with our cleanout services.



Eviction Cleanouts


If you’re a property manager you know that preparing a vacated rental home for new tenants requires a great deal of work. There can be repairs, cleaning, possibly new carpet and paint, and it all adds up. But sometimes the previous tenants will leave unwanted items and junk behind.


This means you also have to deal with the task of junk removal and hauling.


Apartments Need Cleanouts, Too


Although most prior tenants leave an apartment clean and empty, there are always a few who leave behind things. Apartment cleanouts usually involve furniture, old mattresses, piles of clothes and garbage, or large amounts of junk that must be removed and disposed of.


Property Management Involves Clean-outs


Property managers and rental professionals also work with rental homes, vacation properties, duplexes, triplexes, and other types of leased properties. Tenants might fill these rentals with large amounts of furniture and belongings which end up getting left behind when they move out.


And, like apartment managers, they can be overwhelmed by the task of junk hauling. Since these units can’t be leased until the junk is removed and the property is cleaned. As every property manager knows, each day the rental property sits unoccupied is a day without rental income.


Estate Clean-outs


All of this is relevant for estate cleanouts too!  In life, there are a few unfortunate events that require an estate cleanout service. Typically, there are four common reasons for cleaning out one’s property - or that of a family member.


  • Downsizing due to major lifestyle changes

  • The death of a parent or other family member

  • A divorce settlement

  • And overwhelming debt


If you are considering an estate sale, there are some key tips that can help you or your client manage this stressful task:


Find and set aside all financial documents. Locate and secure any wills, trusts, and related documents. This might include such things as:

  • Burial trusts

  • Insurance policies

  • Real estate deeds and titles

  • Bank statements

  • Stock certificates

  • 401(k) records

  • Tax returns and receipts


Look for any photos and other family memorabilia. These items have little value outside of the family, but they are irreplaceable for family members.

Donate or consider selling unwanted clothing. Most clothing has little value unless they are vintage items. Donating usable items is another option for these items.


Search all spaces thoroughly. Take the time to look through everything thoroughly. For example, the pockets in clothing, drawers, high shelves, every container, etc.


If you need a mobile notary to witness

any legal documents we do that too!


I hope this gave you a bit more clarity about Sage by spiced life conversation's mobile notary, foreclosure, and estate cleanout services book your appointment today. 

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