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Luxury Real Estate Services Conyers, Georgia

Commercial Office Cleaning  
Trust Delivery  Services for Estate Planning Attorneys

Help improve the image of your business. 

Cleaning is a critical piece in keeping your building looking its best and creating the right surroundings for your employees and customers. A clean and well-maintained office sets the right tone for your expectations of quality and productivity. Outsourcing your cleaning keeps your office looking good without you having to manage day-to-day cleaning.

Sage  by spiced life conversation LLC

A premiere female-owned professional cleaning boutique  specializing in Organization, Commercial Office Cleaning, Mobile Notary, and Loan Signing Services

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Sage by spiced life conversation


We are a premier female-owned professional cleaning boutique serving Conyers, Georgia. Sage by spiced life conversation, LLC began as a way to make extra income during the summer while taking care of my mother in her time of need as she recovered from breast cancer surgery.  My four kids and I stop our lives to spend the summer in Florida to take care of her and a unique blessing came out of that experience. As we all switched shifts in caretaking duties I picked up a local cleaning contract to help a realtor clean her vacant home listing, beach home rentals, and move out/trash out cleaning for foreclosed homes affected by Hurricane Michael. 

After returning to Georgia back to our lives my clients asked about our experience as they were concerned and very supportive. I explained that the cleaning contract help me to clear my mind and gave me a bit of me time to process everything going on with my mom healing. I notice no one seems surprised about me cleaning offices and homes. In fact, two clients offered me a contract to clean their businesses. They explained it made sense since I already offered kitchen pantry and fridge organization services. At first, I didn't see how the two related because I offered kitchen pantry and fridge organization services because it complimented my work as a nutritionist while supporting my clients who struggle with codependency and emotional eating. They explained to me that it could be easily added to my lifestyle package. That never occurred to me. Big Lesson Here! Always Listen To Your Customers They Know What Services They Want! That unexpected contract of serving the small real estate listing inspired the birth of Sage by spiced life conversation, LLC. 

Sage by spiced life conversation, LLC  assists our clients in banishing negative energy from their office, restoring order to their home listing, and helping clients achieve their goal of owning a home. This is exciting for us because together both Spiced Life Conversation, LLC and Sage by spiced life conversation, LLC can provide humanity with tools that help create positive energy including practicing self-care, protecting your vibe, following your vibe, and helping create an environment that feels good too!

Our commercial cleaning company is dedicated to providing luxury concierge services that include, Commercial Cleaning, Fridge and Pantry Organization, Office Cleaning, Bank Cleaning, Store Cleaning, Day Care Cleaning, Post Construction Cleaning,  Deep Cleaning, Vacation Rental Cleaning, Event Cleanup Services, Day Porter Services, and Mobile Notary and Loan Signing Services.


Sage by spiced life conversation serving throughout Conyers, Georgia promises quality, reliable cleaning service every time so our loyal customers feel special. We work hard to restore balance and productivity to your office. Our products are eco-friendly, high-quality, safe, and hospital disinfected graded. We strive to deliver the highest level of professional service to customers engaged in professional commercial office spaces and luxury real estate. We focus on the details so you have a clean, orderly office every time.  

The image conveyed by your office is important


Whether it’s attracting and keeping quality employees or sending your customers the message that you care about quality, effective office cleaning impacts your bottom line. According to health professionals and the CDC, professional office cleaning is highly recommended. Common areas should be sanitized regularly to reduce germs and bacteria, preventing illness and infection. A clean office space is also proven to increase employee productivity and morale!


We uncover that 50-60% of the average person's time is spent in the office!

Studies show over 25,000 GERMS are found on office phones.

It also shows that there are more germs on a keyboard than on a toilet seat!

Sage by spiced life conversation, LLC can assure a healthy work environment and limit the spread of illness that can increase absenteeism and lower productivity. We focus on details large and small to keep your offices clean, sanitized, and free from germs, minimizing the chance of illness spreading. Furthermore, clean restrooms, sparkling floors, and immaculate break rooms and conference rooms are all crucial areas where cleaning really matters.

We provide mobile notary, loan signing, commercial cleaning, trash out, and event clean-up services to businesses throughout Conyers, Ga in Rockdale County including 30094, Monroe Ga 30655, 30656, Covington 30014, 30015, 30016, Madison, Ga 30650 and Athens, GA  30603.


Our highly trained and dedicated staff ensures that the needs of our clients are constantly exceeded. Our team strives for excellence and we are committed to our customers; we take pride in the standards and reliability of our services and team. 

Our Motto:

“Treat others as you would treat your own family members.”

Looking for a trustworthy, reliable, and professional concierge cleaning service.

Let Sage by spiced life conversation 
Luxury Cleaning Services Professionally Clean Your Conyers, 
Georgia Office.

Whether you need weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning, our TEAM can handle it.
Need a one-time clean?
We can do that too.

Conyers, Georgia Luxury Real Estate Cleaning Services

Commercial & Office Cleaning

    Deep Cleaning
Vacate Property Cleaning For Luxury Real Estate Realtors

Sage by spiced life conversation LLC, works with all types of businesses in and around Conyers Georgia, and the metro Atlanta area such as realtor offices,  title companies, medical offices, medical clinics, law firms mortgage offices, banks, and more.

Call our commercial cleaning company today to find a plan that works best for your business.  We will help you maintain a healthy and clean environment.

Sage by spiced life conversation, LLC  helps real estate agents and banks manage their listings. Arrange a thorough cleaning for foreclosed homes and newly vacated listings.


We also help apartment managers with move-out cleaning services 7 days a week for fast turnaround for new tenants who are ready to move in.

Call us for your free quote

Restroom Sanitation Services

Sage by spiced life conversation, LLC helps business owners reduce the spread of disease and bacteria with our weekly deep clean cleaning and sanitation services. 

What We Provide

Disinfecting Services That Keep Your Space Clean & Pathogen Free

Disinfecting & Sanitizing Service for Commercial Properties

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Commercial Cleaning Georgia



Protect your employees and guests from the spread of germs and bacteria in your facility. Whether your company makes its home in a bank, financial institution, office building, clinic, or law firm, we deliver professional commercial cleaning services that help promote healthy work environments and keep your buildings sparkling.  We ensure that your office building is always a clean, healthy, and safe environment.

Cleaning After Construction So Your Building Is Ready For Business

We also offer, post-construction Final and Fluff cleaning services starting at $750-$2,500. When your construction is completed and all the debris is removed, our experts will clean and prepare your new space for move-in and set-up with our post-construction cleaning services will make sure your new commercial building is inviting, clean, and comfortable. And, because we understand that construction can be unpredictable, we work closely with project managers, contractors and other service technicians to help ensure your timelines and deadlines are met.


  Commercial Business/ Retail Store 

Medical Office Cleaning

Bank & Financial Cleaning Services

Sage by spiced life conversation LLC provides customers with professional restroom disinfection services and parking lot maintenance for retail stores and commercial businesses. 


Unsanitary restrooms can lead to the rapid spread of bacteria and viruses throughout the facility, infecting surfaces and people at alarming rates. 

We specialize in medical office cleaning work in all types of facilities and clinics ensuring clean and disinfected.

Email us for your free quote.

Sage by spiced life conversation Cleaning LLC provides banks with all of the cleaning services that they required to maintain a healthy and clean environment for their clients and employees.  

sage by spiced life conversation, LLC

Conyers, Georgia
Notary Public & Loan Signing Services

By the laws of Georgia, we must inform you that for each notarial act, we may charge $5 per "act". Any additional fees totaling the amount charged are for convenience, professional ability, liability insurance, and overhead purposes.

Services Offered

Sage by spiced life conversation, LLC  Mobile Notary Services offers General Notary Work serving the Atlanta Metro area. 

Will travel to: 


  • Hospitals

  • Nursing Homes

  • Hospice

  • Schools

  • Estate Planning

Services Area

Sage by spiced life conversation, LLC Serves the Metro Atlanta Area Conyers Georgia:



  • Rockdale

  • Newton

  • Walton

  • Clarke

  • Putnam

  • Morgan 

Mobile Notary General Services

Loan Signing Agent Services

Field Inspection / Asset Verification 

We offer mobile notary services throughout Rockdale County (up to 30 miles from 30094). We can arrange for a notary to either come to your location or a notary to meet you at a particular location. These services start at $45.00. 

We offer mobile notary loan signing agent/courier services for banks, title companies, Real Estate Agents, etc to conduct your Real Estate Closings, Modifications, Power of Attorney, etc. These services start at $150/per signing

We travel to view and verify businesses, items, and/or property. We confirm the existence of businesses, items, and/or property. We complete personalized reports for our clients. We can confirm the brand, manufacturer, model number, serial number, VIN number, or other markings on the item as requested by our business partners. We will provide digital photos if needed. This service starts at $165.00/per hour   (2-hour minimum)

Commission Information

State(s): GA

Number: W-00524734

Expiration: 9/27/2025

NNA Training Completed

NNA NSA Certification Training Completed : 1/7/2022


NNA E&O Insurance Coverage: $100,000.00

NNA E&O Insurance Expiration: 11/3/2025


We are not licensed to practice law in the State of Georgia or in any other state and may not under any circumstance give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice or legal services. By the rules of the State of Georgia; when providing notary service, we may as notaries public charge no more than $5 per notarial act. For the services provided here, charges are based upon this rule. Any additional fees for service are unrelated and will be quoted upon inquiry. A notarial act includes, but is not limited to: 1 complete signature, stamp, and/or seal from the notary; swearing in or oath, acknowledgment forms provided by the notary and their signature and stamp and/or seal from the notary. 


OUR Team

sage by spiced life conversation, LLC

Nikki White


Natavia White

Team Member

Navione White

Team Member


Nikki White

Specializing in Commercial Accounts.

Licensed and Insured

Weekly Cleaning

Bi-Weekly Cleaning

Monthly Cleaning

One-Time Deep Cleaning


2890 Georgia Hwy 212 A-247 Conyers, Ga 30094

Text to Schedule a Walk Through:  334.590.3274


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Cleaning Service Agreement

Whether you’re a business owner who doesn’t want to be the janitor too, or a busy Luxury Real Estate Realtor who doesn’t have the time to clean vacate listing, or keep the house disinfected after open houses or showing, we can help.

Sanitizing and Disinfecting

Cleaning for Health and Wellness

Standard Concierge Cleaning Services 

  • Cleaning mirrors

  • Mopping and sweeping floors

  • Carpet cleaning

  • Vacuuming

  • Emptying trash​

  • Cleaning and disinfecting desks, computer screens, and keyboards

  • Dust and clean windows and blinds 

  • Spot cleaning

  • Kitchen/break room cleaning

  • Cleaning vents

  • Dusting

  • Organization

  • Disinfecting surfaces

  • Cleaning glass

  • Cleaning bathrooms

  • Clean and disinfect glass doors, door handles, and knobs

  • Lobby/Waiting Area/Elevator

  • Meeting Rooms/Conference Rooms

Why Is a Clean Office So Important?

It creates a good first impression: No matter what your business is, a messy office sends the message that you don't care about the work you do. Create a positive first impression with both new employees and potential clients by showing off an office that is neat and tidy.

It boosts productivity: Numerous studies show the connection between a clean office space and an increase in productivity. Not only is it easier to focus when your desk is tidy, but having a clean work area means less time is wasted trying to locate things.

It reduces stress: Nobody likes to be surrounded by clutter, and with Sage's cleaning services they don't have to be. A clean office is much more relaxing to be in.

It improves overall health: Bacteria can lurk about when surfaces are unclean and floors are dirty. Regularly cleaning your office eliminates harmful particles in the air, creating a healthier workforce.

Minimize contributors to asthma. Employees and clients who have asthma are put at risk by an office environment that can aggravate their condition. Maintaining a tidy office means reducing the health risks associated with harmful particles in the air.

Our affordable rates, friendly staff, and reliable service have made us a favorite for a wide range of clientele. The health and well-being of your clients and employees is always our top priority.


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Sage by spiced life conversation, LLC

 BBB Rating & Accreditation

A+BBB rating

Accredited Since: 1/12/2022

Years in Business: 6

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