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Space Clearing For Your Office

Just as our bodies get blocked with negative or stagnant energy, so do our spaces.

As a Nutritionist and Folk Herbalist that specialize in trauma and addiction I assist my clients in clearing negativity from their homes and daily lives. At Sage by spiced life conversation we help clients clear negativity from their office space. Many people are unaware of the build up of energy from the people that are living or working in their environment. Since everything is made up of energy, peoples bodies leave behind any negative thoughts or emotions that they are processing or releasing into the environment of both their homes and offices.

If our spaces aren’t clear then it can impact our physical wellbeing and how we function from day to day. I have clients that book cleaning services specifically for clearing negative energy. Many times in the healthcare industry especially with my hospice clients I get complaints of rooms feeling heavy when they walk in due to all the grief and pain of loved ones that was suffering from a illness or condition before they pass on to the other side.

Many clients that are artist and writers find that it is difficult to concentrate in their new office space or studio when they are in a specific space trying to write or create art. They book a clearing session to remove the energy of pass renter of that workspace or studio. Some people feel uneasy or frazzled in certain places as well.

Due to my highly sensitive nature as a empath I find it hard to be in large crowds and anywhere that holds a lot of negativity. I had a friend going through a divorce when I went to visit her I couldn't stay in her home five minute without having a headache due to all the negative energy from arguments and low vibrations due to their toxic marriage. After we cleaned and cleared her space I felt fine.

I once had a client who brought a rock home from Africa her marriage begin to have problems, her kids started behaving differently at school. The only difference was the weird rock that she kept in the front entrance that no one cared for but her. I told her it was probably the energy in the rock. The guide on her tour told them about the hardship and deaths that happen in that place why she would want to bring home a rock to remember that painful event only she knows. I thought it was crazy. But to each it's own. If you're happy I'm happy. Do you, no judgement here! However, as soon as she got rid of the rock her family behavior got back to normal. I'm not sure if the rock held negative energy or some type of low vibe but as soon as she got rid of it the energy of her home and life shift to a higher frequency. I just sense it was the rock. I explained to her how to cleanse her home and herself. I sold her the cleaning solution she needed to rid the negativity from her space, the aura cleanse spray and spiritual bath herbs to cleanse her body.

If you think of a really relaxing, clear place that you have been and your home or office doesn’t feel that way, then you may need to clear your space. I'm originally from Panama City Florida and I love the coastal community. Water relaxes me, it calms me right down. on the other hand ever since I moved to Atlanta I've struggled with Seasonal Affective Disorder I was diagnose the first winter I moved here in 2001. I have to consciously practice self care and healthy rituals during this time of year or my energy will be off. As mention before, if you think of a really relaxing, clear place that you have been maybe the beach, lake, grandma house or your home or office and now it doesn’t feel that way, then you may need to clear your space.

When should you have space clearing done?

For Hospice Centers/Coaches/Wellness/Health Offices:

  • Regular clearings should be done 2-4 times a year depending on flow of patients in the office or center

  • If you work with patients on a table where pain is released (ex. massage, chiropractic, acupuncture)

  • If you work use talk therapy with clients or patients

  • If your home or center is hospice related

  • If you are a Oncology or Kidney Diagnosis office

For Real Estate Agents home listing and regular home owners:

  • Whenever you feel stuck in some issues in your life – to clear out old or recurring problems in your life and open up new possibilities

  • When you are about to move into a new space – clearing of any energetic residue of the previous occupants

  • When you are trying to sell your house and want a calm and peaceful feeling to the space

  • Assist the healing process of anyone in your home

  • After an illness – refreshes and uplifts the space

  • Create a loving space for a newborn

  • After a divorce or break up or after any traumatic event

There are some things you can try yourself to keep your space clear like smudging with sage, using epsom salt sprays, crystals/stones or a himalayan salt lamp. If you are a real estate agent you can contact me or read more about the space clearing service I provide— your buyers will feel like they are in a crisp, clear new space!


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