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Flu Season Cleaning Tips: How to Keep Your Workplace Safe

Whether you’re working from home or at the office, it’s important to disinfect your work area to prevent the spread of viruses, including COVID-19.

For electronics such as your computer monitor, keyboard, mouse and phone, disinfect with a non-bleach-based disinfectant throughout the day in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

We at Sage by spiced life conversation recommend disinfecting with a Clorox® Disinfecting Wipe and letting the surfaces remain wet for four minutes in order to properly disinfect.vAvoid getting moisture in any device opening, and don’t submerge your product in any disinfecting agent unless permitted by the manufacturer.

Others tips for preventing the spread of viruses or COVID-19 includes:

Tip 1: Identify Common Contact Points

While influenza can certainly be passed through airborne transmission, it can also be transmitted from person to person through commonly accessed contact points throughout your office. In fact, the virus can last on surfaces for up to 48 hours. Because of this, you’ll want to identify the areas in your office that people touch the most so you can focus your cleaning time more efficiently. Some common contact points include:

• Door handles and knobs • Light switches • Hand railings • Countertops • Desks • Phones • Touch screens • Keyboards • Toilets • Faucets and sinks

Tip 2: Use Hospital-Grade Disinfectants

Not all disinfectants are created equal. And while it’s possible to have your workspace cleaned with traditional home-grade disinfectant products, the extra protection and peace of mind that you get by using commercial-grade cleaning products and techniques can’t be overstated. After working as a housekeeping in the surgery department at Jackson Hospital while I was in school I learned about the importance of hospital grade disinfection, therefore at Sage by spiced life conversation our EPA-approved medical grade chemicals are applied to surfaces using an electrostatic sprayer or ultra-low volume (ULV) fogger to ensure maximum coverage and effectiveness.

Tip 3: Prevent Cross Contamination

Being that I worked in the surgery department I learned that one of the biggest risks in trying to clean multiple surfaces with the same cleaning materials is that you risk cross contamination of already sanitized areas. To prevent this, take a tip from my experience and use different colored clothes and wipes for different areas in your workplace. For instance, at Sage by spiced life conversation we use only green cleaning items for bathrooms, or only blue cleaning items for desks and chairs. That way you won’t accidentally spread contaminants from one area to another.

Tip 4: Keep Employees Informed and Prepared

When it comes to fighting the flu, you can’t do it alone. Make sure that your employees know that they can stay home from work if they’re feeling sick. Better to lose one day of someone’s time than have that person come in and infect the whole office, right? Another thing you can do is make sure that your employees have personal cleaning supplies that they can use to keep their own workspaces clean, such as sanitizing wipes and disposable cleaning clothes.

Tip 5: Make a Plan

The most important thing you’ll want to figure out is who is going to be doing the cleaning. If your business has a full-time cleaning person on staff, that’s great. If not, you might want to consider hiring a professional cleaning service, such as Sage by spiced life conversation, to help you with all your deep cleaning needs. Let's have chat and we can help you create a custom cleaning plan for your facility.


While the flu season is just a fact of life, you don’t have to just sit around and accept it. The more prepared and informed you and your employees are, the better the chance you have of avoiding a major outbreak in your office.

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