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Disinfecting Restrooms

My experience in office cleaning along with my operational management experience at the Dollar Tree and with a trucking company for 12 years I learned that if you want to earn positive reviews from customers and create a comfortable workspace for your employees, there’s a straightforward action to focus on一janitorial services. Keep your restrooms clean and smelling fresh at all times. People do judge businesses by the condition of their restrooms along with customer services.

Why Is Proper Cleaning So Important?

Customers will spend more money in businesses with clean restrooms. And if they aren’t impressed by your bathrooms or customers services, it’s likely they won’t tell you, but judge your business instead, yelp review Yikes.

Of course, it’s not just a matter of popularity…it’s also a matter of health and safety. Unfortunately, too many businesses go through the motions of office cleaning without emphasizing the importance of their restrooms.

The problem is that they don’t use the proper techniques. It takes effort to get that professional level of cleanliness you usually see from commercial cleaning companies. Below are some simple tips you can use to ensure you get positive reviews based on customers and restroom cleanliness.

Know the Signs of Poor Cleaning

All commercial restrooms get dirty. Sometimes, they get filthy. It can help to think of messes as being in one or two categories.

Daily Cleaning Issues This first category involves the daily cleaning and sanitation concerns affecting your restroom facilities. If your sanitation team ignore a day or two’s work, the following may result:

● Trash cans left to overflow ● Toilets too long without being scrubbed ● Paper towels strewn on the floor ● Countertops left damp ● Paper products not replaced as they should be ● Lingering odors

What’s the issue here? Store managers and maintenance staff often underestimates the amount of attention that commercial restrooms need throughout the day. That is especially true if you have facilities that are open to the public. Before I begin working at the Dollar Tree I was told the restroom cleaning day was Sunday. That meant the restroom was cleaned once per week, that didn't sit well with me. Me and the freight manager made sure the store and restroom got cleaned each night. Daily cleaning is importance to prevent germs and long term building problems.

Long-Term Neglect If your sanitation workers ignore their daily cleaning and disinfecting duties, the following may result:

● Hard water stains in sinks ● Built-up grime on bathroom mirrors ● Thick layers of dust on light fixtures and stall partitions ● Soap buildup on dispensers ● Stained countertops ● Floors that never look clean even after mopping ● Stained commodes and urinals

Skipping important tasks a few days in a row or completely ignoring them is not only unpleasant and unsafe for you, your customers, and your workers. It’s also against OSHA laws.

Best Daily Commercial Cleaning Practices for Restrooms

There are several things to consider here. First, determine how often each restroom needs cleaning. If only a handful of people use the bathroom, once a day or every few days is adequate. On the other hand, commercial buildings open to the public certainly require daily, or even hourly, cleaning.

Choose the Right Supplies The truth is that household products don’t do an adequate job to keep a commercial restroom clean. Professional cleaning companies use commercial-grade surface cleaners, disinfecting sprays, toilet bowl cleaners, and floor solutions for a reason. Likewise, they purchase mops, brooms, wipes, and other equipment from commercial suppliers.

Learn to Use the Supplies Many commercial cleaning products come in concentrated form. To use them safely, you must learn to dilute them, label bottles correctly, and know which surfaces they can be applied to. Proper disposal is also key.

Use Proper Techniques I bet you felt a certain way after I told you about the once a week restroom cleaning. I know it made me upset. It’s not pleasant to think about, but restrooms are full of the kinds of pathogens that make people very sick. Unfortunately, poor cleaning practices can make things even worse. For example, washing the floors before cleaning surfaces can cause issues. So can cleaning highly soiled areas before less dirty areas.

Additionally, it’s important to have different cleaners and supplies for toilets and urinals, sinks, countertops, and floors. Fail to adhere to this, and you are basically just moving dirt and bacteria around. But don't fret. Here is what you can do to solve the problem of uncleanliness.

Create a Cleaning Checklist

Every time someone enters a restroom to clean it, they should be working from a checklist and marking off each hour they cleaned. Yes, each hour. Not once a week. That guarantees your sanitation workers miss no steps in the process and it holds management accountable. If their is no signature we know the task was not done. I know what you are thinking any one can sign the clipboard. Nope, not without my stamp that they got to get from me. And you better bet that I am coming to check to see if the restroom has been cleaned. Here’s a sample list to get you started and cover all the main bases:

● Empty trash can in the sink area and in stalls ● Restock paper and sanitary supplies ● Dust light fixtures and stall partitions ● Scrub inside of toilets and urinals with bathroom cleaning solutions ● Wipe under seats and outside of bowls and urinals with disinfecting cleaner ● Clean sinks, faucets, and counters ● Sweep and mop floors ● Spray or wipe door handles and faucets with disinfectant ● Note maintenance issues to be reported to facilities

Again, it’s helpful to create a cleaning log that all staff members must sign each time they clean a restroom. It will hold employees accountable, as well as ensure tasks are completed. I can't stress this enough!

How Sage by spiced life conversation Go Above and Beyond for Clean Restrooms

It’s the deep cleaning tasks that make the real difference. Keep up with these tasks to ensure cleanliness and impress customers and staff:

● Thoroughly wipe down toilets and urinals inside and out. ● Replace air fresheners and bowl cleaning tablets. ● Scrub floors around toilets and urinals. ● Treat faucets for hard water buildup and stains. ● Use a commercial floor scrubbing machine to clean floors and remove stains. ● Dust vents. ● Fix leaks, replace bulbs, and deal with other maintenance issues. ● Strip old layers of wax from floors and recoat.

The frequency at which you complete these tasks can vary. It’s entirely dependent on how often the facilities are used and how dirty they get. You must also decide if it’s worthwhile for you to purchase floor scrubbers and strippers or if you can rent these machines from cleaning supply companies.

Other Things to Consider When Cleaning and Disinfecting Restrooms

Think of these as tips for keeping standard commercial restrooms clean and sanitary. Depending on the nature of your business, you may need to take other steps. For example, there are particular protocols for healthcare facilities and companies that serve food.

Your local health department may be able to give you some guidance. Additionally, the CDC publishes guidelines for cleaning to prevent the spread of Covid and other illnesses.

Interested in Learning More?

Sage by spiced life conversation offers a full range of commercial cleaning services. We’re happy to discuss the best methods for cleaning your facilities. If you are a professional cleaner, we’d love to hear from you as well. Contact us so we can discuss your needs.


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