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Which colors should you use to paint your house before you sell?

As a loan signing agent I know that first impressions truly are everything when it comes time to sell your home. I get a lot of questions about the easiest and fastest way to sell a home. My number advice is the energy of the home must be on point. What that means is go outside your home and then go back inside your home, then ask yourself two questions. First, how do you feel as you enter the home both coming up to entrance and then actually entering the home itself. Second, ask yourself would I buy this home?

Many people know from simply standing outside of a house whether they would like to live there or not, making it hard to win a potential buyer over if your home does not leave the best first impression or feeling of wow I love the way this home look and feel. When people enter my home, every home I've had they always say how relaxing, cozy, and comfortable it feels. They never want to leave. They can take their shoes off drink lemonade and watch westerns all day. The energy of your home says a lot. One way to manipulate the energy of your home is with an attractive exterior color that reflects current trends and maybe even tastes specific to the area you are trying to sell your home in. Below are some colors that will help your home make the best first impression possible.


This classic is a standby for a reason. It provides a clean blank slate potential buyers can easily find comfort and inspiration in. In fact, according to a real estate survey, almost half of the buyers questioned preferred white houses. If feels clean, crispy and the energy is light.


Another go to is beige. Most folks feel beige is a safe neutral exterior. According to another survey beiges, tans, and browns are the second most preferred colors after white. While they can make for a soothing and refined look, beige shades do not suit all types of homes. A victorian home, for example, would be better served by bolder shades which highlight its unique architectural features. It’s important to keep your home type and potential market in mind.

Earth Tones

If you want your home to stand out in the right way and be inviting to buyers inside, earth tones are appealing and effective. These include oranges, browns, and blues. Just compliment them with the right decor. You mightn't want to paint all four walls oranges maybe just one to give a pop of colors to balance out a beige or brown base coat.

Neutral Colors

In the modern market, a home not only has to look great in person, but photograph well. Many people find potential homes online first. Neutral colors, like taupes and creams, look both modern and elegant in real life and photograph excellently. Whatever you do, do not think that neutral means painting your entire interior white. This can make for blindingly bright rooms that feel harsh and sterile. Check out Pinterest to explore colors that may go well together.

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