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What Is a Notary Public?

If you have ever needed a document notarized, chances are you had to take the document to a notary public, pay a fee, show your ID, and then the notary public signs, stamps and dates the document. This is called witnessing a document.

In order to get a license to be a notary public, a person must undergo the proper training for this position and in some cases, pass a state licensing test. Most state-mandated training courses teach the prospective notary public about their responsibilities. Once licensed, the notary public has broad authority, depending on the state. They can witness signatures, administer oaths and in some jurisdictions, they can even perform marriages.

In the state of Georgia when I became a notary the process was simple. It included:

Seeing if I was eligible to become a notary?

Am I...

  • 18 years or older

  • U.S. resident or permanent resident alien; reside in GA; reside in the county where application is filed; nonresidents may apply if employed or does business in the county where I apply

  • Have and provide an operating telephone number

  • No previous commission or professional license revocation, suspension, or restriction in any state; no commission of any prohibited act listed in OCGA; no unauthorized practice of law

  • Able to read and write English

If everything above is "Yes" then I could fill out application and print it to give to the Clerk of Superior Court in my county. However, the application required me to

  • Give a affidavit about my criminal history. Then sign and date it in front of a notary.

  • Get two people who was not related to me to endorse me that lives in the same county I live. After they have signed and dated the application.

  • I made an appointment to get a background check done at the sheriff department for $10.

  • I completed online training course and $10 exam that you must pass with a 90% at

  • Once all of this was done I turned in my application with a $41 application fee to get sworn in.

Once I became a notary I went to Office Depot to order my supplies which took two weeks to get. I paid for the stamp, extra ink, and journal for $94.66. I didn't shop around for a cheaper price. I was too excited. Plus, I choose the $48.00 stamp- they had cheaper stamps I just preferred that one.

I hope that gives you more clarity to what to expect if you are considering becoming a notary public in Rockdale County Georgia.

Take the Next Step

Georgia Notary Commission Process

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