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I am a Notary and a Signing agent. I am interested in becoming a mobile photo inspector

photo inspection
photo inspection

As a certified mobile notary and loan signing agent I'm always asked what other income streams do I have. I always tell people I am a wedding officiant and field inspector. But I work full time in my private practice Spiced Life Conversation, LLC as a Licensed Board Tauma-Infomred Nutritionist and Recovery coach. They are like oh okay you wear a lot of hats what is a field inspector? I explain I take photos for insurance agencies and lenders. Oh, I heard of that, they respond. I am interested in photo inspections how does that work?

It's simple. Let me walk you through my process.


My name is Dr. Nikki LeToya White I am a licensed board trauma-informed nutritionist and recovery coach at Spiced Life Conversation, LLC in Atlanta Georgia. I work as a Field Inspector, Certified Mobile Notary, and Loan Signing Agent in the evenings. Depending on the amount of time I have and if I’m already headed in that direction I accept photo inspection assignments for real estate properties that include existing homes, new construction, and foreclosures for, INC.

What you need to know: you get to choose your assignments, most assignments are $15. They take anywhere between ten minutes to half an hour to complete. Driving time is from thirty minutes to ninety minutes away from my home and yes it’s still $15. That’s why it's important to manage your time accordingly. Once you arrive at the property you are required to take high-quality photos your instructions will explain how many photos to take and which photos are required, you must fill out a report and upload the photos to be submitted to the client. I bring a notebook to take notes because you must observe any damage on the property. What’s important is to choose assignments that are in the direction you are already going, this is my strategy and it works for me, I save time and fuel.

Overall, the pay adds up and is good for folks who seek extra income, and need a flexible schedule like me I have four kids in school. It’s similar to driving Uber, without the passengers. I hope this gives you clarity on the reality of the pay and work involved.

Any questions you can find me at or

That's pretty much it.

Insurance companies often need photographic evidence to help process claims, and performing photo inspection assignments for extra income is a good option for mobile Notaries seeking to branch out to other business services.

What Photo Inspectors do

Photo inspectors make an appointment to meet the involved parties, take any photos requested by the insurance company, and then forward the photos using a smartphone app provided by the company. The company then verifies and time-stamps the photos and provides them to the insurance company for their records.

How much Photo Inspectors are paid

Photo inspection assignments typically take around 10-30 minutes plus travel time, and usually pay $15-25 per assignment. Assignments usually require five to 10 miles of round-trip travel. There are assignments that are 30-90 minutes away from your home or location depending on what is available at that time. You get to choose what assignments you want to take. To be brutally honest in my area I have never seen a ten-minute-away assignment in Atlanta assignments are spread out from 60 to 90 minutes, that's why I use the stagey above when taking assignments to save on fuel and time. But the pay does add up.


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