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How Complaining Affect the Workplace

Sometimes you really need to complain about the crappy stuff going on in your life and at work but did you realize it effects your overall energy and the vibration you send out in your workplace?

I am sure you know that negative thoughts affect your mood and therefore affect your overall energy and is the cause of workplace drama known as workplace politics. Complaining is the quickest way to cloud your emotional environment with negative energy and as a result cause bad vibes in the workplace. When you focus your attention on the negative in your life then that is what your reality becomes. “Energy flows where attention goes”.

Most of the time we don’t even realize we are doing it. Somehow, it has become a conditioned part of every day life or when talking about a certain subject such as low pay or how a coworker is slacking. I was a constant complainer for a long time. I didn’t even realize it until a friend pointed it out to me. then I notice how everyone around me seem to always focus on what was not working in there lives. I became more aware of it and started working on my spoken words. I told a friend at work about it she agreed that she too notice the gossip and complaining but she still found herself falling back on complaining out of habit. I was miserable in my job and would constantly complain about it to friends or other coworkers. What I didn’t realize in the beginning was that I was making things worse– getting caught in a negative cycle of drama and bad energy that is hard to get out of and makes you feel worse.

Complaining is about not accepting the current circumstances in your life and talking about them in a negative way, repeatedly.

What took me a long time to realize was that my lack of acceptance and outlook of my past work situation was affecting my mood and also hopes of changing that situation. I learned that I had to accept where I was for the time being and that being angry and complaining about it was making it worse. I had to see things from another viewpoint– that I was fortunate to have a job, be making good money and that it was a stepping stone to my next thing. As soon as I got to this acceptance, and focused on the positive things in my life, my mood significantly increased– I was happier at work and with the people there. this new found energy motivated me to quit that job and get my own counseling contract. In time, my work situation changed as I was able to see things from a new perspective and speak more positively about what was going on for me and see a way out of it to something new-my private practice. I learned the words we used has significant power in our energy field and what we create around us.

What you feel in your body is related to the energy around you. When you complain, you are creating more negative energy that feels heavier and darker. It can even get so dense to feel like it is actually weighing you down. The more you focus on the negative, the more of that energy you are creating around you. Continuous complaining or focusing on the negative will also cause your chakras to become imbalanced. This in turn can cause a lot more problems over time and lead to you getting sick physically. It is best to catch yourself complaining before you get too far down the negative spiral.

If you find you are needing to complain about your current circumstance, try some of the tips below and see if that helps release some of the negativity.


  • Write down what is bothering you in a shadow work journal — it helps get out the negative emotions and you can leave them on the paper instead of letting it twirl around in your mind.

  • Take responsibility for your part in the situation. What is this situation teaching you? What can you change and what do you need to accept? Introspection is helpful for finding balance and being open to a solution or determining if it’s best to let it go at this time.

  • If you need to vent, let the Listener know ahead of time, so they can prepare themselves or let you know that now is not a good time + keep it short! (Venting is about getting out what is happening to you and then letting go. Complaining is repetitive expression of negative emotion along a story line that you want to change some aspect)

  • Remember that complaining negatively affects your energy, mood, brain activity, and stress levels don't do it.

  • Do something fun or relax. This helps stop the negative spiral and get you more centered.

  • If you catch yourself complaining, follow it up with a positive thought or a gratitude for what good is already in your life.

just remember to not bring your problems to the work place it will lower the energy of the environment- that's not healthy for anyone.

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